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We are so thankful for the outpour of support that we have received from students and organizations all over campus! Your optimism and encouragement is our motivation.






Thank you to the Office of the Dean of Science and the Faculty of Science for their generous financial support and enthusiasm. It is wonderful to be part of a faculty at Western with such a supportive academic leadership team.










We are excited and thankful for the support of the Western University Science Students' Council through cross-promotional efforts, as well as the financial support given to us through the Student Group Grant. 


A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S 


In winter 2013, Dr. Sarah Gallagher partnered with the Faculty of Science to host an essay competition to award travel grants to the WiSE National Conference at the University of Toronto. We are thankful for her integral role in bringing together students to spark WiS at Western. 


At WiS, we know the incredible value of community. 



We could never do THIS alone. 



Thank you for your support!




Dr. Elizabeth MacDougall-Shackleton affectionately referred to as Beth within the Department of Biologyis an associate professor at Western University. To most science students, she is one of the first faces they encounter when they enrol in the first year Biology 1001... For Dr. MacDougall-Shackleton, this is an opportune moment to share her contagious love for biology with eager aspiring scientists.

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We'll be featuring professors in the Faculty of Science, giving you an insight into their aspirations, inspirations, and every lives.

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